Video Services

Terrapin Blue has established itself as the go to company to tell your story in the group travel and motorcoach industries…

Trade Show Media Support

Terrapin Blue set the standard when it comes to providing media support for your event.  Using our expertise in social media distribution combined with video your event happens in real time to a global audience.

Social Media Strategy

One of the most important things that you can do to sell your brand and Terrapin Blue has helped many national associations and companies across the United States create their identity through innovative social media content.

Mobile Applications

Let’s face it we live in a world where the mobile phone and tablets have become the major communication tool in marketing.  Let Terrapin Blue help your company develop a mobile application that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your clients and audience and hey apps are cool…


Establishing your brand is one of the most important things your organization can do to stay competitive and remain relevant in a world where every moment people has access to new information.  Our team are experts in defining, designing, and deploying innovative branding strategies to help you remain above the pack…

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Terrapin Blue has been creating innovative emergency preparedness and response programs for our clients for many years.  Let our team use our media and planning expertise to allow your company to be prepared to respond to incidents effectively and decisively.  You can longer say “no comment” and your company needs to have a plan in place to communicate with the media.

Pre-Departure Safety Presentations

Terrapin Blue has been creating innovative safety announcements for our clients in the group travel and motorcoach industry.  Let us help you minimize liability while providing critical information for your passengers and customers to be prepared to appropriately handle an emergency situation by having the correct message in place…



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